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IONIS Common Uses and Applications: Spas and Swimming Pools

IONIS Common Uses and Applications: Spas and Swimming Pools




IONIS Common Uses and Applications: Spas and Swimming Pools



Now you and your family can really enjoy your Swimming Pool



IONIS Common Uses and Applications: Spas and Swimming PoolsSwimming Pools and Spas require and exhaustive maintenance control for chemicals and Ph check almost constantly. Dealing constantly with equipment incrustations of lime and other minerals, algae, bacteria and fungus is not only tiring but, extremely costly.

IONIS keeps your problem in check, whether your pool or spa has climate control or not, by applying IONIS you will see some of those problems considerably reduced and some disappear completely. IONIS stabilizing effect will keep the pH under control and your expenses for chemicals substantially reduced. Enjoy a fresh a smelling pool for a change...!

Is it a miracle? NO!!  Just IONIS that when applied to your pipes that carry the flow into the pool, modifies the properties of salt and minerals in the water stabilizing the pH values , and creating an environment inadequate for lime, corrosion and mineral incrustations as well as for algae and fungus. Now your pool is cleaner, pumps are protected, water flows freely and less chemicals. Enjoy it..!

 How does IONIS work?

One of the most important features that makes IONIS so user friendly, is its modular design. This makes it completely expandable adjusting to small and large projects. It will adapt to a house, industrial and manufacturing projects, farming and recreational networks such as swimming pools and spas. Since the sets are not intrusive, there are no special tools, network modification or technology required for its installation.

 More regarding IONIS Effectiveness

IONIS Common Uses and Applications: Spas and Swimming PoolsThe best places to install IONIS are; the recycling or filtration circuits, right after the pumps and filters or before the boiler.

When IONIS goes to work in your swimming pool or spa, within a short period of time you will start experiencing the improvements. No more cleaning lime deposit, incrustation, algae or fungus. Not only that, you can estimate a savings of 30-60% in pool maintenance chemicals. The same results will be experienced in open air or enclosed pools, with or without climate control. Yes..! You can stop throwing money into your pool immediately upon applying IONIS.

 More regarding the Installation of IONIS Equipment

 Chart for IONIS application

 Examples of IONIS Equipment installation

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