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Effectiveness of IONIS

Effectiveness of IONIS: Beyond science, the experience




Funcionamiento del equipo IONIS:  Procesos físicos y efectos visibles



Key physical process



physically treats the water without modifying its chemical composition and without physical contact. IONIS changes the salt crystalline (calcite) to a non-incrustant form (aragonite).

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IONIS basic process:

How does it work



The carbonates (salt) that are present in the fluids in a state of crystallized calcite are modified in its physical structure to an amorphous structure unable to produce scales or incrustations, that is aragonite crystals. All this happens when the fluids go through a magnetic field created by the application of IONIS.

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Water Physical Process
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As a result, there are various processes that take place within the system:

Cleaning the network



The flow of the network provides the kinetic energy required to facilitate the removal of existing incrustation. This happens due to a simple erosion process applied by the aragonite crystals over the incrustated layer of calcite crystals.

IONIS contributes to the recuperation of the flow to its normal capacity and the improvement in productivity in heat transfer equipment.

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Preventing new incrustations



In new or clean water networks, IONIS prevents new incrustations. The aragonite crystals, even if they have the same chemical composition of calcite, they don’t become incrusted but follow the flow.

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Preventing corrosive processes



By maintaining the network metallic surfaces free of Incrustations, the process of natural corrosion is reduced drastically. This is achieved thanks to two main effects produced by applying IONIS, that is; changing the structure of the salt crystals in the fluids:

1.  Preventing the formation of permanent salt incrustations in the piping network and equipment, IONIS prevents the corrosion process caused by Evans Effect (any sediment over a metallic surface originates a corrosion area under the incrustation, this occurs due to lack of dissolved oxygen)

2.  By reducing the fluid salinity, IONIS reduces the effect of the galvanic corrosion (a less saline fluid, minimizes the conductivity, therefore it stops the galvanic current, thereby reducing significantly the corrosive process).

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