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Effectiveness of IONIS

Effectiveness of IONIS: Beyond science, the experience




Maintenance using IONIS:  Avoiding excessive costs






Click to enlarge this image...¿Is it possible to reduce continuous maintenance and repair, just by using a specific method of preventive maintenance?

The answer is: YES..!!

Preventive Maintenance



Use IONIS and it will prevent the growth of the existing incrustation acting as an inhibitor, and will stop corrosion by eliminating the galvanic current that causes corrosion on your entire network and machinery.

Corrective Maintenance by using IONIS



IONIS cleans existing incrustations within your entire network, that includes those already existing within the pipes walls of your water network and all metallic surfaces regardless of how hard is the water or the thickness of the incrustations. This is a process constant, gradual and progressive.

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Ineffective methods and economic consequences



The effectiveness of your corrective maintenance, depends pretty much on the methods you use to prevent work stoppage and downtime or simply improve the water quality. Incrustations and corrosion are serious threats that can destabilize your business. You can’t continue risking your business through revenue and profits erosions due to ineffective methods of preventive maintenance.

Economic loss due to corrosion and incrustations is very common, and if they are not treated correctly, it can create havoc within your network. Let's review the mayor factors of economic loss due to inadequate treatment, these are:

  • Direct economic loss
  • Indirect economic loss

Direct loss includes cost that represents replacement or repair of water networks, frequent repair or replacement of equipment, machinery or components damaged by corrosion or incrustations including the high cost of labor and engineering.

Indirect loss these are more difficult to quantify, however they amount to great sums of money and economic unbalance. These are: Interrupted production, product loss, contamination, redesigning the network, equipment upgrades, lost efficiencies, loss of market image and brand recognition, loss of customer loyalty and trust

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